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Wednesday, 19 August 2009
Psychosis of the Mind
Now Playing: Diabolical tricks of Deviancy

"Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, if i live i will kill you, if i die you are forgiven. Such is the rule of honor" -Lamb of God

Many are repulsed by the death penalty as referenced by dead man walking or casper the dead ghost along the lines of any of the worst serial rapists and mass murderers in history. The most disgusting anachronistic cowards of inanimate; unnatural parasitic shit-eating  bitches in disguise.

"Wanting people to listen you can't just tap them on the shoulder, you have to hit them in the  head with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their  strict attention"  - Seven


Artist/Poets gather evidence of observation  of  the inanimate racist swarm attacking maggot infestations of  filthy sleaze infested racist parasitic nazi shit licking cowards.  Many even perhaps lyricize in the name of  Ed Gein or Ted Bundy,  some of the worst serial murderers in history.

Just before Dollmer was killed in prison; Ted Bundy  was executed by lethal injection. Dollmer was executed behind  prison walls- and quartered as any animal sent to the slaughter house. Lynch mobs until 1960 hanged people if color across the USA.  Mostly African Americans judged by racist haters. Reference the lyrics by Billy Holiday about the hanging tree in  Georgia.

 While child molesters in the prison system are separated from the general population, as statistics show higher percentages perhaps even in the 90 percentile bracket of executions of these repugnant sleazoids


Brainwasted homo-fascist parasitic racist cowards- programmed by handlers for criminal assaulting anyone slashing their control matrix of closeted puppet master shit eating psychopaths mobbing targets in the form of  attempted murder.

Beings reduced to satanic objects- swarmed by lynch mobs of 10,000, 20,000,  50,000 against anyone caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Did you choose this; or did it choose you?  Parasitic filth is the  mark of a  shit eating humanoidal bitches in disguise. The devils work destroying freedom of movement of anyone in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness?

The horror story happening to common people, anybody at anytime. Pathological deviant cyber criminal psychopaths  and brainwasted cowards in games of the mentally challenged.  The  ripple effect of the  lemmings getting their heads split in a bloodbath.  Its a beautiful life and you know it-burn in hell.


One of many targets living day to day to survive.  One target had  reported the sexual assault of a beautiful woman who had been raped repeatedly and had her life shattered.  (On Record)

The violated woman positively identified the perp named Juan.  She was %100 percent positive on the ID; describing the repulsive crime in the presence of three other artist types who also positively id'd  the deviant. Weeks passed by after the report.  The whistleblower was then retaliated on using slanderous remarks, smear tactics; character assassination.  The whisleblower was then mobbed in a swarm-like manner; such as gangstalking tactics. Burn in hell; dead piece of shit; maggot coward parasitic shiteating deviant infestations.

Open a crystal clear lake as truth. Punch a hole in the bottom of the lake. Force the sparkling water through a funnel as it runs through the cooling towers of a red hot nuclear facility, and the water is now polluted and  radiated by crud while passing through  the cooling tower. The former lake now lays dormant as a dry mud hole of deception. Whats left of the fish are flapping around, eyes bulging and popping out, round as their gills are gasping like pumping lungs for the dried out oxygenated water. 

This is the  tactic used to silence the whisleblower by intimidation crimes against humanity, attempted starvation, as well as attempted murder by attrition by way of swarm attacking.  This is defined as obstruction of justice.
The definite mobbing  is blueprinted by attempted  break down the physical body; the mind, body, and spirit.  This is attempted murder by atrrition. (AMA) This is a crime; the  includes the use of technology for  triangulating freedom of movement.  This includes the use of intimidation which is police snitching.

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." - Noam Chomsky

All the while in some areas of  society; citizens  think somehow this is  funny for some apparent reason with  chuckles of laughter; all the while squeeling for special group  hate law protections;  while victims of Katrina attempt to stay afloat and keep from drowning as entire neighborhoods are submerged underwater.  Animals by the  hundreds of thousands gurgle and drown, entire stadiums fill with  survivors, prisoners in the county rehabiliation centers drown. Thanks to the quick response of emergency management, its no smallwonder that more loss of life was prevented. Thanks to many Hollywood Artists for bringing in  lifesaving supplies that  were flown in;  with the guts to see the clarity of the loss of life
The extent of any mass induced psychosis is defined by the deviancy of Ed Gein or Jeffery Dollmer broadcasted by diseased&defective energy transmitted and triangulated by the wicked. Truth beomes the victim; but truth does not fear investigation.  Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Take any turkey baster will suffice but as warning- the time frame is much greater and the pressure will be greatly exponential and mulitplied. It is suggested for using the Universal siphoning pump Ap 12 (12V DC) which is 220 Volts. This pump will work in a matter of 2-3 minutes and pump 200L/hour.  Also a black&decker drill with 3/4" drill bit.

Strap or clamp the victim down preferably a dentists chair. Anesthesia optional.  Drill into the victim(s)  cranial brain matter approximately 4 inches. Upon completion create suction in the turkey baster or siphoning pump.  Suck out the victims brains through the pump. Again for saving time, the electric pump is suggested. ($122.95) includes shipping.  When finished the skull should be hollowed out. Afterwards take the brain matter, put it into a skillet and fry it  which should sizzle for about four to five minutes. Now after cooked there is small chunks of barbequed matter that can be skewered onto a shishkabob.
 â€¨The lemming society has fried its collective cognitive ability of  reasoning over the poetry or the poisoning out the poisoned well the parasitic deviancy squeel and squirm out the womb and never go back in. The frontal section of the brain matter controlling judgement, motivation, impulse,. logic, and reasoning had been warped  by a cerebral aneurysm. The brain matter shifted while squeeling out the womb- causing a polarity change and severed cranial extension to the frontal lobe.

Society is disinfranchised by the polariity and cast into a spell of holographic mass induced psychotic mind-raping  hysteria becomes telephonic hate crimes. According to Hitlers philosophy,  the bigger the deception the more likely it is believed by the masses.

Sleaze parasite indoctrinated by the nazi state;by the nectar of power.  The reality of primitive forms of life; lurking the asshole of  neighborhoods in gangs of pedophiles enticing the children with sugar coated plums; while paid nformants of the corporation- spying across cityscapes. The dead empty soulless corporation cashing in on the primitives casting illusary frames into holographic nothingness.   Internet servers as ISP's  as plausible deniabily.

" If your temple is assualted by shiteating skeletons you have a moral obligation to resist  by any means necessary. " -unknown


"Gonna take alot of whiskey to wash out your guts." -Unknown


"Mafia is only a stereotype perpetrated by homosexual mafia on the entertainment business"   -My Wife& Kids

"Hip hop has long branded itself as the ultimate in fag-bashing,gay-trashing hate music.  Listen to any album and a list of homophobic howls will hit you: DMX shrieking “Fuck you faggot, I shoot at you!”, Eminem squeaking “Hate fags? The answer’s yes!”, Masse singing “I be wastin’ em. That’s what you faggots get”, or Busta Rhymes yelling “I hate fucking faggots man!” The music’s mood was summarised in a 1992 Ice Cube hit: “True niggaz ain’t gay.” Why are these men so worked up about harmless homosexuality? What’s it to them? This year, a taboo-busting new expose from deep inside  the hip hop industry has suggested an answer: hip-hop is so furious about “fags” because it is filled with bitches in disguise;  who forgot who it is"  - Xtragoodshit


+Homos-phobia - A generic "boo" word made up by queer lobbied parasitic sleaze infested p•ssy man homosexual deviant hater cowards; so they would have an equivalent of weaponizing the term "racist" for attacking anyone who questioned any of their communist agenda of demands; such as to marry their child molesting pedophelia on an unsuspecting society disguised as 'rights' or 'equality' a classic blueprint of social engineering strategy- a communist blueprint.

Common people, Sovereign American working men and women, children, artists, poets and the innocence, deserve to be criminally assaulted; flash mobbed and gang stalked by parasitic brain wasted psychotic poisonous douche-bag hater b!tches in disguise hiding behind its RACIST facade of VICTIM and word-lingo; first implanted in the psyche by parasitic sh*t-eating corporate pedophile global media; while leveraging the internet as an anti-freedom weapon for the destruction of freedom of movement as a revenge campaign against anyone speaking out.

 sh*t-eating homosexual hetero-phobic bitches in disguise are terrified inside of Who They Is; resorting to the homos-phobic defamation; false victim status, disorderly slap- 911 snitching b!tches in disguise is the WEAPON used by sh!t eating parasitic homosexual psychopathic deviant RICO CRIMINAL cowards while talking sh!t out its @sshole as the "homos-phobic" label to silence critics; the same way genocidal IsREAL zionist-nazi's  use the anti-semetic label to silence critics from its bombing campaign of murdering children and pregnant women.

"The devils @sshole is satanic plague infested parasite. Painting sin behind rainbow colors disguised as Creator"



Heterosexual education begins around 7th grade; which is irrevelent  to racist parasitic shitbags; since the douchebag bitches in disguise are actually innate pedophile deviants  farming  the Boy Scouts of America. Shit-eating pedophiles have to be forced into the Girl Scouting. Fake ass bitches in disguise are out of the  Boy Scouts league.  The Girl Scouts are recruiting pedophile homos for their league of scounting;    It is also appropriately equal for the Boy Scouts to force pedophile homosexuals into  the the girls stalls across the USA immediately.

Poets expressing their Divine Right to free-speech specified by the constitution shall not be infringed. This is as  hip hop artists are furious over homo-fascist faggot parasitic coward hater bitches in diguise indoctrinated by the nazi state as talking shit out its asshole police snitching intimidation.

Frothing at the mouth, raging haters cause for  labeling and smearing; not limited to poets including athletes, models, actresses, directors, dancers, writers, any art form of free expression.  In this manner hater homo-fascist raging parasites exploiting technology for cyber-crimes   c as vampires resort to kidnapping and raping children for its bloodlusting.  The criminal elements are  expected of any advanced technology in the hands lower lifeforms.  Power in the hands of primitives is dangerous precedent.

Spelling blocks,reading time, crayons, snacktime, recess, and nap are sufficient for young developing minds without being twisted up into a toxic form of diabolical pollution and pervertedness. If this is a falsehood, ask a few poets  serve as critics. Artists/poets and musicians are the generals of anti-racism  while haters are proven racist cowards and  poisoners of poetry.

If humanity is repulsed by free expression;  have tea with megella and hitler.  Sit on the porch and don't shut the door on your way out when the mass-murderering cowards come knocking at your door and murder your family.  Hide the history books on stalin, polpot, and Idi Amin.  Big difference between free speech and mass murder. Keep in mind folks,  gun control is effective.  

While  USA Citizens are losing housing, millions are turned into refugees from Hurricane Katrina as the root of greed becomes foreclosures, families torn apart  and stolen sanctuary's.  Bubbles burst while  raging wars are  perpetrated by wealthy nations on poor helpless villages with people living under tents with poisoned food and  water,  wartorn international communities hope to survive the bombings atrocities,  crimes against humanity and destruction- Unmanned drones, piloted by joystick pussy drones committing mass murder and bloody death, and decapitations while living beings are burned alive. Innocent mothers are torn from their homes and their children stripped from their arms.

Few couragous people  attempt to quarantine the raging wars and mostly sent to prison for doing so while the people are sneak attacked by brainwasted regiments of psychopaths raging divisions of  diversions within tiny bands of frothing humanoids  spewing its wrath of poisons and false doctrines and civil rights while  mass death, starvations and destruction are released on the world. Bitches in disquise deceiving the world with civil rights while  blacks were hanged by lynch mobs until 1961.  Pedophiles by thousands on the corporation payroll with bonus incentives to infect schools and spy on the populace. 

All the while around the world as  funerals; marriages and hospitals in far-off villages are fire bombed by the corporations;  while legally limiting free speech to free speech zones and traps against free expression disguised as disorderly charges and bearing false witness.  DC is a murderous bloodbath; where self-defense is against the law.  Fight on for freedom for what the USA was actually built on... Good night and good luck!

Posted by cinematek at 2:06 AM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 19 November 2013 9:20 PM PST
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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. - Thomas Jefferson


"Those sow-wallowing monkeys' asses...amidst the beasts say a measure of wheat for a penny, and three of barley for a penny, and see thou hurt not  the oil and the wine. "    -Pale Rider


"They say the dead don't  rest without a marker of some kind."

"What makes you think i care."

"You ask me that with seven dead men and a blown up hotel."

"I was just stopp'n by for a bottle of whiskey."

"Mr whatever you say is fine to me."

"You're a man who makes people afraid."

"Well it's what people know about themselves inside that makes them afraid."

-High Plains Drifter  



 "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it. "      -François-Marie Arouet -AKA- Voltaire 1700's


"No race can prosper till it learns there is as much dignity in tilling  a field as in writing a poem."  -Unknown

In their quest to “queer” America, radical homosexual activists in the media destroy lives, as they manipulate the principle of privacy, and make war on traditional masculinity, sports, and even the truth...   NEW AMERICA

Due to the graphic nature. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. Scenes of graphic violence. Not intended for anyone  under  the  age of 21 or age of consent for military recruitment. Parents use discretion for intellectual discourse over satanic ritualistic abuse. What follows is based on a true story.  COCKROACHES

"Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, if i live i will kill you, if i die you are forgiven. Such is the rule of honor"   -Lamb of God
"Oh What A Tangled Web Thee Weave When Thee Practice To Deceive"
- Sir Walter Scott
So If you ever doubt the devil is real look into the mirror it might be looking back
--Sins Kitchen
Definitionsmothering viscious snitching racist psychotic parasitic psychopathicdeviancy slandering squeeling smearing stalking invasive sleazy slimy parasitic leeching pathological criminal assault looks from deranged mind raping cult of pathological  rapingdeviant sexual rampaging  predators assualting murderous racist nazis raping Due Process,  Free Speech  and  4th Amendment Guarantees .    

Poisonous  enabling guilty accessory insects attempted murder by attrition.  Virus enabling feeder bitches. diseased psychopathic parasitic deviant lemming backstabbing mind rapers.   FLAM CHEN->IDENTIFIED   RESIDENT EVIL-EXTINCTION


"I'm pretty damn far from okay. What now? Let me tell you what now? I'm gonna call a couple hard hittn' brothers with pair a pliars and  blow torch.  YOU HEAR ME HILLBILLY BOY. I'm gonna get mid evil on your ass. "  


O.C.S DRILL INSTRUCTOR: Where ya from boy?

O.C.S. RECRUIT:  Tucson AZ

O.C.S. DRILL INSTRUCTOR: Two things come out of Arizona, Steers and queers.  I dont see no steers you must be homosexual.  So which on are you boy?

O.C.S. DRILL INSTRUCTOR: Puget sounds got one thing and one thing only, to grab  themselves a naval aviator, but you sweet peas got to watch yourselves cause the puget sounds will  do just about anything to entrap you.     

It gook centuries to make them believe we were not real dont' let them think we are suspect  - 30 Days Of The Night

If anyone offers their soul to these children who through fear is subject to slavery all their lives  --- The Plague 

In the kingdom of the blind the one arm dwarf is king. -Unknown



Below a paper is written for the purpose of discovery. By engaging this topic of discourse we are motivated by providing explanations and solving this question.
Who are controlling the pride shells? Who are the pride shell controllers? The pride shells known as  (HHD) as  Holographic Humanoidal Deceptitrons.

"Like our society's current obsession with "reality TV", this activity  must  inevitably   gain  popularity as the ultimate experience of "reality" entertainment.   Such  is  the nature of  the bottomless   pit     within  the  stalkers  that thirsts,evermore,   for greater and greater thrills. To  the   perpetrators, their    targets   are   merely their prey, in a game that never ends. But make no mistake, whatever   the   reasoning behind it,  this is a vicious and calculated hate crime."  -Terror Stalking in America

My point is father I believe we create our own demons in our own minds-- Amityville Horror
Testimonial evidence after x-number jobs across six years, a  pattern  of   harassment  is true beyond a reasonable doubt.  The employee attacked by what is known as  IECCSSHM,
Invasisive,Electronic,,Cyber,Cellphone,Stalking,Surveillance,Harassment Mechanism.
Defined as OCT-- Octupussy Coward Tentacles (Bitches in Disguise)  Soul sucking energy vampires programmed by Handlers of Pathology, HOP.
HHD cowards are souless energy vampires. It preys on the living,  provoking violence and hate crimes. Then Blaming the crimes, on the target. Parasitic cowards prey on the weak.  This is how the HHD  operates. It is also known as  OCT.   Frame ups and entrapment are common. Snitching bitches  into the prison trap-EN
TRAPment. This form of tyranny is caused by squeeling, and snitching BITCHES in disguise. This is defined by ICCSSHM.  Cellphone harassment/entrapment caused by cell phone-TARGETING the living for the CAUSE of criminal assault and defiling any reasonable expectation of privacy.  Also destroying freedom of movement.  This is the 4th Amendment protections under the Constitution for the USA.
Provoking any target any particular time, day or night. the  list of targets for criminal harassment- causing  reactions against the target- also common are economic destabilizing.  This is also sabotaging the living right to life. such as raping the targets living physiology. How do you determine who suffers from any invisible diseases or ailments such as phobias, trauma, anxieties, panic attacks, or migrane headaches, or any physiological disorders.  Whoever fits into this category should  be targeting for harassment-until you bitches are sent straight to hell...
Below the threshhold of observation- harassment parameters are  ICCSSHM. -bitches in dsguise are hiding in plain sight.  The crime is RICO.  Parasitic coward haters weaponizing  free speech, and violating wiretapping laws such as electronic harrassment of the internet and using  cellphones for triagulation is a  cyber cime and is the crime RICO.   Technology in the hands of primitive pyschopathic parasitic coward maggots destroys society. Quarantine primitive onto island as plague parasites to safeguard the inalienable pursuit of
life liberty and happiness.

Exposing by nuetralizing the octupussy  coward tentacles, OCT  known as the  (HHD) Holographic Humanaoidal Deceptitrons is Paramount. 

Unnatural armies of clones are duplicated in the lab by pathological controllers, in gene-splicing experiments.  The animated cloned psychopaths are transferred to the direction of  handlers of pathology, HOP,  are the intellectual advisors behind the CPU or Central Processing Unit. Handlers of Pathology are guilty of  transmitting sexual diseases.  This being transmitting the programmed directions to the HHD.
Cyber-Harassment constitutes the leading crime against humanity known as stalking by proxy. Transmitting sexual diseases  across demographic  patterns through various cities and metropolitan areas using the  internet to weaponize the process of  triangulating the cause by technological hunting  the freedom of movement of any living beings.
Cyber-harassment is transmitted  by (HHD) cowards  triggered by the cult of pathology-  HOP,   Closeted cowards have a sense of bravery and power to be delusions of grandeur.  Lust for power is addictive, and when triggered this lust is ever expanding  parameter of  parasitic leeching.   The pathological enablers within the heirarchal structure are the HOP, handlers of pathology at the top,  The 2nd tier are known as the HHD, and OCT,  The souless clones perpetrating the cyber crimes.

(GAME-PLATING) is part of the criminal activity. Stalking by proxy is part of the lust for power by exploiting the diseases carried out by the HOP.   Revenge attacking is part of the process. The pathological  HOP are enablers of the (HHD)
They are triggerd  by and orchestrated like a conductor,  instructed to disable the target or weaken in any way possible. Examples of this are theft,vandelism,criminal damage,breaking and entering, intimidation, raping expectations of privacy, cyber attacks, terror tactics, computer theft, etc,
The  (HHD) cowards hide behind store cameras, in rat holes of mostly big retail stores, in the name of loss prevention.  While also the (HHD) maggot cowards are informant snitches to the (HOP) structure. The  (HHD) uploads its data to the HOP,  heirarchy until further instructions are programmed into the souless clones of the (HHD)
 The  (HHD) is tethered into and interwoven with the CPU,  Central Processing Unit of the HOP,  tens of thousands of computers  wired into  a microcosm of disease under the umbrella of  OCT.
These cowards are backstabbing informants reporting to the Handlers of Pathology, the upper tier of the (HHD) A three sided Hierarchy of triangulating maggot parasitic cowards.
For example, while the target is surveiled at the Crossroads Mall inside Victoria's Secret, look for these maggot cowards lurking  behind  store facades,  in rat holes above the store, as loss prevention specialists while dualistic informing pigs reporting to the HOP.  This provides for a sense of power to the HHD, in its illusions of grandeur.
 The odds of  60,000 to 1  favor the living.  Swarming locusts starve out the blue bird. The pussy  cowards are the OCT entrapment...

The Being becomses the object of harassment.  HHD cowards  wired to cell phones, as this becomes a  simple procedure snitching over 911, causing frameup on the living being   The haters blame the target  for the hate crime perpatrated by hater parasitic cowards. HHD  At the top of the food chain is the HOP.  
Brainwasted octupussy coward tenticles of pre-meditated hate crimes. Nazi parasitic cowards of extra-judicial crimes of. satanic attacks against the living masks of channels across the internet spectrum. 


"Group members are taught that the target is the reason for their problems.He is the reason why their lives are a failure. Group leaders hope that their followers will reach the point where they "have to resolve their problems."  This  can  result  in a  traffic accident, assault and occasionally in murder.Targets also face the threat of assault, particularly if they are female or old. Group members also try to entice the target to assault them, but this is never done without having witnesses present. The criminal conviction of the target, following the testimony of numerous "concerned citizens" can be followed by a civil suit."  - Terror Stalking in America
Exposing the pride shells is a matter of necessity in the  manner by which these sadistic nazi thugs commit crimes against humanity.  Anyone caught in  the wrong place at the wrong time or circumstance can immediately become a target of brutality and savagery for the longterm or until saturation by attrition.
(HHD) Racist coward leeches poison targets within deep wells of hate,  driven by  lust, revenge,greed,jealousy,murder, and wrath/ being characteristically sadistic, weak, parasitic  latent cowards suffering  from delusions of grandeur, ttransmitting sexual diseases for the means of poisoning the innocence.


Freedom of Speech shall not be infringed in any way, shape, or form. Masking the the infringement of freedom of speech is unlawful according to the Constitution of the United States of America. The organic law of the land.
Any attempts of silencing a critic through bogus legal entrapments, and frameups are the mark of  fascist;  closeted cowards, slime infested  backstabbing diseased  psychopathic nazis.

Neutralizing the (HHD) cowards  is paramount.  Exposing sources of (HHD)  cowards, hiding in plane site, aided by cellphones and the nternet spectrum. Crush these sleaze infested cowards making visible coward scumbags are POWERLESS, POWERLESS SHITBAG COWARDS ARE POWERLESS 
 (HHD) cowards believe  it   is  immune from exposure.  This fuels its  power.  The (HHD)  uses cloak of invisibility from discovery for causing and commiting crimes against humanity.   The  (HHD) can no longer run or hide because the (HHD) cowards  are exposed  and  observed  by the International community as terrified, weak, impotent wimpering, diseased  cowards.

"Like our society's current obsession with "reality TV", this activity  must  inevitably gain popularity as the ultimate experience of "reality" entertainment.   Such  is  the nature of  the bottomless   pit within  the  stalkers  that thirsts, evermore,  for  greater  and greater thrills. To  the   perpetrators, their  targets   are   merely their prey, in a game that never ends. But make no mistake, whatever the reasoning behind it,  this is a vicious and calculated hate crime."  -Terror Stalking in America


It is entirely possible and probable for compassionate  woman having  the means motive, and opportunity  working  behind the university institution for being transformed  into  manipulative diabolical tool of  revenge attacks on a targeted being, driven by power, greed and selfishness.  
In this scenario she is a  pawn of  GROUP THINK  in a plot to destroy a target. This  scenario is based on the HANDLERS OF PATHOLOGY, the HOP.
Motivated by power. she hids behind the  illusion of  discovery.  Without considering the consequences of being caught. she hides within relative safety  behind  institutional  walls, and  layered by armed security guards,
She is motivated by lurking cyperspace and transmitting sexual diseases.  These are the  foundations of her psychological tyranny,

Parasitic hive cowards (HHD)  while having numbers to intimidate through fear, based on duplication and cloning; in a definition of ENTERPRISE under the statues on RACKETEERING  causing terror tactics, intimidation and coersion based on technological harassment and cyber criminal activity.
Compromising a persons liberty and justice with the individuals right to survive by exploiting a persons survival  mechanism such as fight or flight with elements of intimidation and racism, extorting reactions or the fascinations of  fear mongering. Frameups are common tactics for  bogus charges for the cause or  purpose of gaming and humilation are all common tactics.  ROBBERY
While having any number of snitches across the internet spectrum within  the university intra-net/ the (HHD) duplicators, programmed by the HOP,  use intimidation and terror tactics for advantage and coersion, the apparatus of psychological assault. 
 She  is  (TARGET #1)   Broken down by  fear mongering. the result of racist coward haters  swarming  institutional walls. While she is duped, and wllingly schemes and plots diagrams and schematics for the purpose of  the social engineering construct -- This  blueprint is for invasive psychological experimentation for determining the   breaking point of assigned target. 
The reactions of the target are key  to ASSOCIATIVE QUALITIES  are  determined by the number of variables.  These variables are determined by instigating many  SWARMING PATTERNS. This is to be  programmed into its cognitive lack of reasoning; and to trigger the OCT  which is combined with  equations for analysis factored into the method of criminal  assault. The crime is RICO.
GAME-PLATING is the method of evaluation.  The associative qualitives have been factored  for success predetermined by the variables. Known  as bizarre   methods   of  entrapment, de-sensitization tactics for the expressed purposes of  torturing a victim into submission with combinations of  humiliating circumstances, or other variables to cause reactions brought about the imbalane of swarming causing secondary imbalances such as anxiety, social phobias, PTSD or panic attaacks or trauma inducing methods- thrusting a whole  host of parasitic elements HHD,  for the purpose of  break down  or murder by attrition 


 (HHD) cowards  are BRANCHES of the HOP,   its HANDLERS transmit information for the purpose of  Invasive Surveillance Stalking (ISS)   This is the method  used most often for entrapment.

"Surveillance is conducted 24  hours  a day, 7 days a week. When a target leaves his residence they will alert the group, either by cell phone or by business band   radio.  Other members,  who   are   patrolling the perimeter to watch for police and other vehicles driving in the area,  will   race to   the   location   to  begin  pursuit. -Terrorist Stalking in America
In small towns, where business band radio is widely used, these activities are a local sport  among a  small  group. Anyone with a scanner can join in. Some targets have reported   hearing an announcement on their scanners as soon as  they   turn   their  lights on   in the   morning."  [From Terrorist Stalking in America] "In a typical apartment setting,  they will attempt to lease, sublet, or otherwise have access to apartments above, below, and on both sides of the target. They will also "guard" the vehicles of a target in the parking lot." - Terrorist Stalking in America  

Since (TARGET#1) is a willing pawn or unwilling,  but the scenario has been arranged for her to  fit a pattern of duplicity.   As  the (HHD) cowards  have a grudge against  (TARGET#2)   she  has  been  coursed  into serving multiple purposes, by acting as the  BAIT.   In so  doing  she is instructed to  transmit sexual diseases by way of  conduits- by transfering  e-mail messages via the Internet or through the (HHD)  
This is known as  (I.E.C.C S. H.M)  Invasive Electronic, Cyber, Cellphone. Stalking, Surveillance Harrassment  Mechanism.  This being the purpose of transmitting sexual diseases. These are the channels for any type of technology with the  Internet, or cell phone..

Behaving  as the BRAIN  at the end of the yellow brick road. HOP- connected to the (HHD) cowards across the internet spectrum- she is a valuable  asset used primarily by the HOP, handlers for exploiting her intellect. 
She is the love interest of  TARGET2  and this emotion is exploited and abused for gaining advantage. and then throwing her out and destroying her.  Revenge attacking  TARGET2  is in retaliation for reporting the rape and sexual assault of a female friend by a known devianr.

The HOP is paranoid of  the expression of  Free Speech and known for retaliating in a particularly racist and vial manner against TARGET2 , while using free speech as a means of  preservation of self and survival.
Individuals are always  guilty by association, and every  individual is guilty until being proven innocent.  Tools of the trade  in the wrath of SUBHUMANS.
  (TARGET#1) is the brain for transmitting sexual diseases.  She   interacts  with  HOP,  while transmitting   and  receiving data.  In doing so she  transmits sexual diseases across to the lower tier of the hierarchy-  (HHD/OCT This is the process of
Stalking by Proxy (S.B.P) 
Ideally she uses emotional connotations for triggering or the quantitative associations.  This enables patterns of swarming as  blizzards of locusts swarm in the sweltering summer heat as is when leeches of parasites are duplicated, or programmed specifically through computer analysis, processed across the internet spectrum, with methods of de- sensitizating,  of  associative quantitative procedures, only successful by swarming the target,
METHODS OF ENTRAPMENT  are regimens used for emotional associative measures.  The traps are BAIT, usually emotional connotations used to net the target into the parasitic amoebas.  These traps can be candy or choclate, slogans, numerical strings, objects  left  on  the  ground  on  the  path  of  the  target.   The  key  for understanding this method is how the evidence is used in conjunction with the deviancy  by way of  transmitting sexual diseases across the (HHD)  Electronic
Surveillance Harassment Mechanism/ the tethering of  technology. of  scanners, cellphones, the internet or any known technology, sucha as google satellite.
Triangulating the  freedom of movement of any being-  Parasitic interferons  of ritualistic cannabalism and to be  exposed by any means necessary.
SAW 11

Emotion Directionalism Baiting: (EDB)
A disproportionate number of researchers by committee under group think are committing harassment procedures behind the curtains of psychological experimentation while transmitting sexual diseases across the Internet Electronic Spectrum.

The sources of  experimental   process  occur  within   the confines of  any number of  psychological   institutions as the means for optimal cover to carry out its crimes  defined by Social Enginnering Constructs such as emotional  triggers or sensory overlords duplicaters of flash mobbing   like a common  beehive.  This causing  unnecessary suffering of anyone living to survive.   Straight-jacketing   freedom of movement.. -Ezekial 21:33-37, 25:17 
Variations of swarming occur when transmitting sexual diseases. The desired result of trapping, or sensory overload; as to  cause the brain to shutdown for the controlled outcome. Associative qualities where the data can be crunched using a quantitative approach of equations and analyzing from subjects across demographic regions. This is one  approach to transmissions and  re-transmissions of sexual diseases can be used for the purpose of causing entrapment.  Its  HANDLERS soon will meet their maker.  When  discovered, exposed and  neutralised  will be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and hanged until its head falls from its body. 

Revenge attacking targets  is the   tyranny  where a coven of HANDLERS in global geographical positions conspire across the  Central Processing Unit as for triggering the clones in the manner of  Electronic Surveillance Harassment within  walled layers behind  institutional groundwork by the weak impotent poser cowards pretending to be intellectual advisors where there is no process of life  masquarading as intellect is false.

Terrified by exposure cockroaches devise all  strategies of disguising  its genital identity complex.   Its brain matter regurgitated by the lust of  power and control  broadcast by it HOP.

Preservation  of  self  is as self defense, a human right.  The concept is a biological divineness as to species across the universe from ant-eaters to Aardvarks and from Hippos, and Elephants to Rhinos and human beings.  
Electronic Invasive  Surveillance  Harassment Technology (E.I.S.H.T)  for the expansion of power bundled by  I.S.P's  Internet Service Providers,  for the purpose of RICO CRIMES.
"We are like the police except we are ABOVE the police."  - T.S.A
The age old question is WHO YOU ARE.  When this is not defined-  the   unnatural biological embodiments is diseased. Grotesque emotions consume the entity as to  pride, greed, rage, jealousy,gluttony, lust and murder are the elements. The wrath  hates the innocence as the  springboard to sociopathology against the living as revenge is also common..  Sabotage,  swarming,  murder, blackmail, larceny, assault, rape, slander, smearing  and  libel are also common of many victims  caught in the wrong place or the wrong time.
Revenge attacks are carried out by the pride shell as certain by its uncanny ability to be warped by its own deception into a tangled web. Revenge attacks are therefore reactionary defined by how its wrath of deception is targeted back like a mirror. Therefore the pride shells react by way of rage in so doing commit additional hate crimes as such that are known by persons,individuals, and vics to be known as revenge attacks.
The key ingredient is that unnatural emotions  such as  wrath, jealousy, rage, lust, gluttony,  greed,  and murder oppose natural emotions and cannot be reasoned with.  Like the opposing forces of gravity or light and dark.  The only reasoning that can be for certain is preparing un-natural lemming structures for its descent back into oblivion.
"All   the   cause   stalking   targets   I know well did not commit ANY offenses. The stalkers are filled with LIES by their leaders." -Terrorist Stalking in America

The best schematic for  revenge attacking (TARGET # 2)  is  by   infecting his  love interest.  This is a simple matter as she  associates with a  percentage  of  (HHD) cowards.  Brainwasted dissease stick together like glue,  wired into the  pride  shell.  Now she can be indoctrinated into the wrath, and manipulated, threatened, coerced by group think, using intimidation perameters or she becomes a permanent  victim of parastic gangstalking
By sensitizing her to the pride shell, she can be coerced into having a lust for power. She is to be exploited as a conduit  in the  revenge attack,  against (TARGET#2)   She must be indoctrinated by the common procedure, a  theme of heroism masked on the surface as a  faceless cowardly revenge attack- of  hideous racism, distortions of freedom, truth, justice, and  ultimate hate crime perpetrated against a living being. 
By duplicity and cowards of duality, the (HHD) carries out a  plot of entrapment called,  Evolutionary  Associative Procedures. (E.A.P.)  Also known as  (O.S.E.) Organised Stalking by Enterprise. Masquerading as psychological experimentation while raping Due Process guarantees of  USA citizens.


"Cause stalking has been used by   extremist groups since the   early 1990s.  The basic system is alleged to have been developed by the Ku Klux Klan   and refined through years of use." 

HHD cowards are  insulated  by the cover of  psychological experimentation from an accredited university  while on the surface of duplicity a diabolical  revenge  attack  instituted for torturing the innocence of a living being.
The Internet Cyber Electronic Harassment Medium also a subcategory of cyberstalking similar to that of  a string of trains in string of webs around the world.  How brave are the cowards bullying a living being?


GAME-PLATING  is one strategy of any number of variables for transmitting sexual diseases of psychopathic triagulations across the internet spectrum.. The swarming procedures cause a holographic distortion of unnatural duplucity and duality  forced against a living being


"Electronic Harassment is the modern approach to the gas chamber."
Gangstalking is also known as celebrity Stalking.  Many motion picture  artists earn sufficient income to produce a shield from parasitic invasions. On the flip side- a great  number of motion picture artists  due to unimaginable forces often are  vulnerable to  (HHD) coward  attacks.

"Do you recall two years ago when the comedian Dave Chappelle abruptly left his hugely successful television show and fled the   United States?  After  reading something of his experiences it  would appear that he was also a subject of organized stalking, although he probably doesn't yet realize it.  "

"Groups are well financed. They can afford to rent  property wherever  the   target lives. If he drives across the country, he will be followed by supporters of  similar groups in that area. If he travels by plane, group members will   meet  him wherever he lands in the U.S. They may even accompany him on a plane  if they know his travel plan, and there is a good chance that they do."  - Terror Stalking in America

(HHD) cowards being violators of freedom, criminals of life and humanity, having a lust for hate, jealousy, revenge,  motivated to swarming the vulnerable.  On spark from a psychopath causing a conflagration of flames, enabled by lies and deceit thereby emitting crimes against humanity...
Beset on all sides by the  inequities of the selfish and the tyrrany of evil men. Blessed is He who out of charity and goodwill shepards the weak through the valley of darkness for he is truly his brothers keeper and finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengance  and furious anger towards those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know that I am the Lord when I lay my vengence upon thee. 


" In the kingdom of the blind the one arm dwarf is king."  -Unknown

Children are easy targets, the disabled, the disadvantaged, the homeless, the elderly. (HHD) cowards prey on the weak, using the internet spectrum as its power base of fear mongering, power, control,, and  bullying mechanism.  The Octupussy Coward Tentacles, OCT  while using technolgy for doing by intercepting freedom of movement by way of triangulating freedom of movement for the purpose of destroying a living beings pusuit of life, liberty and happiness. Think of Linda Blair in the Exorcist as the innocence of a  young girl  raped  by parasitic cowards.. Beware  Exorcists,  good luck, and Godspeed.


"Like our society's current obsession with "reality TV", this  activity  must  inevitably   gain  popularity as the ultimateexperience of "reality" entertainment.   Such  is  the nature of  the bottomless   pit     within  the  stalkers  that  thirsts,ever more,   for greater and greater thrills. To  the   perpetrators,their targets are merely their prey, in a game that never ends. But make no mistake, whatever   the   reasoning behind it,  this is a vicious and calculated hate crime."  

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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Electromagnetic Spiritualism Empty Magnetism: Bullies Perspective

Now Playing: A Doctoral Synopsis: Spectral Guidelines of Phantom Underworld

Freewill- the ualienable right, borne from an individual's realizations of life, arrives from within, irrespective of group think, the hive mind, the herd mentality, polls, or governmental mandates, regulations, policies, or laws. In a free society, there must be no infringement upon the god-given rights of free beings to exercise their free will. Denying beings their free will because of how they may exercise that free will is the stratagem long employed by tyrants, and too often supported by the unthinking, unreasoning masses.    -J Williams

Fashioned as viscious spiteful parasitic  psychopaths through the mirror of hell-octupussy coward tentacles- shitting on the  natural laws.  Psychotic perversions.  This is IECCSSHM.

Invasive,Electronic,Cyber,Cellphone,Surveillance Stalking Harassment Mechanism. This is a total violation of the 4th Amendent in the Republic for the united States of America.

 Emotional abusers have huge double standards. What is acceptable for them, is NOT acceptable  for anyone else.  They are allowed to get angry - anyone else is not.  They gamble everything in shielding its veil of hypocrisy; protecting   its 'holographic shadow’ at all costs. Threats are greeted by an uncivilized ruthless malignancy of a rampaging   disorder   creating havoc and chaos over a defined society.  Selfishness and deviancy are common while violating human rights for protecting its  ‘Holographic Deception Bubble.’  This is to be defined in greater detail of advanced discussion. 

Apart of this "control"  the abuser (s)  systematically cause the victim to break down-- or until    he   or   she    becomes   angry or yelling.  If you raise your voice, the abuser  insists  YOU are to blame. Don't buy it, and don't believe it,   abusers inflict so much psychological warfare- she  has  been backed into an emotional corner, acting  in self-defense. 
Emotional reactions in self-defense to an abusive situation  do NOT make the VICTIM  an abuser.  Preservation of self is a human basic instinct. 

One of the most difficult challenges of identifying a parasitic entity- of psychological and emotional abuser, (s) energy  vampire(s), in blocks cells- city by city- state by state. The parasitic groups operate without conscience.  The 5% are the most  insidious nature of deviant   parasites who are truly hideous.  They  are  highly  intelligent- masking their abuse (s)  incredibly well.  The parasitic entity has advanced technological capabilities; is uniformed   and  thoroughly evasive; manufactures premeditation in its deceit-while lurking in closeted concealment from exposure.  At  the same time  signals for a  well conceived ambush attacking a pre-conceptualized target with  a whisper of   silence across a cellphone network.  Parasites or parasitic entities have   shelves  filled   with psychology books;  many cells or core groups  are well-read and very well spoken; and aware how to   twist;    distort    and manipulate language and people. They present an exterior of calm, rational self-control, when in reality, they   have   no internal control of moral integrity. Chaotic self-hate is rampant,  so vampires out of instinct- to  increase its blood supply will try to control a very specific list of targets in order for them to  lose control. Emotional and psychological abusers are vassals of hate,jealousy and rage.
Pathological minds commandeering a rampaging army of psychopaths are a polluted toxic psychosis- when considering these lunatics travel in packs,  commit viscous atrocities and crimes against humanity trampling over unsuspecting individuals speaks volumes about  some of the most dangerous mass murderers in history.
Physical  and emotional abusers often are synonymous, though statistically not all   personalities are compartmentalised by this modality. They are particularly drawn by their need for power through control, and will often stalk, harass, and taunt  their victim (s)  in a brutal cowardly fashion,  while at the same time are  programmed for denial of truth.

It is defined by its parasitic movement, via intra-state and interstate  criminals of targeting harassment. These parasitic entities  travel  in  packs, while  blending technology- will synonomously  hide behind technology to mask their criminal activity.  All types of technology are considered in addition to the  Internet curtain. 
Crimes such as entrapment, reckless endangerment, stalking obbery,breaking and entering, and criminal damage are common. These are only surface crimes. The crimes of subterfuge have not been oriented. -These parasites are  %1000 percent cowards.  Their swarming patterns are their power machine- octupussy coward tentacles is the OCT.
Octupussy  tentacles swarming cars for amuzement and triangulating free will..  The crimes happen over and over, day in, and day out.  Year after year.  Psychopaths are infected by delusions of grandeur as the frontal brain is turned to mush in such a sense impulse and reasoning are lobotomized so as driven by impulse without thought as a vampires thirst for blood.
The sociopaths motivations are perceived by threats against its (HANDLERS)  so as the HANDLERS are programming to the HHD  to project out as sociopaths against  targets such as smearing, slandering, libel, and robbery.  The crimes have a continuity of regularity; so as the targeted victims  become  fractured from exponentialized criminal assault, and mobbing.
OCT are ruthless and  possessed robotic vampires.  Atheists have semblence of moral integrity without need for blood; and therefore evolve into the godless entity they have believe in. 
As this paper evolves look for specific examples explaining the mechanisations of 'Feeder Bitches' also known as the HHD- how it integrates with  the CPU,  The  central processing unit. This is in the category of  octupussys cowards tentacles- OCT.
Every computer has a CPU, the brain of the computer and the command center. Acting within the CPU are the control panels. Control panels  are  brainless and circuits to make the command  to the CPU.  On a larger scale there is the World Wide Web.  Within the WWW there are specific computers on a much larger scale behaving similiar to one computer- CPU, and control panels. 'Feeder Bitches' are much like  control panels.  'Feeder Bitches'  are the HHD and behave with blind loyalty to make the command for the CPU. The CPU are known as the HOP.  The Handlers of Pathology.   The HOP- the top handlers are the communist controllers. When the CPU orders its 'Feeder Bitches'  in its pool of  OCT carry out orders as apart of the HHD- Holographic Humanoidal Deceptitrons
For instance,  one target happens to be earning a living working on a movie set at the location:  Jesus Wall.  located in East Los Angeles.  While movie sets through history, depending on the location  have a zero tolerance for theft, which means virtually zero theft.  This is due to high grade security, and mutual trustworthiness between movie people, technicians, artisans, performers, CGI people,  Fx people,  lighting people, assistants to assistants, drivers, grips,  and across the board, and so on and so forth.
However, the target while working at the Jesus Wall location,  having valuable computer equipment within proximity of production management,  the director, and producer for a contracted duration of time and while after the production wrapped the targets AC power Adapter has disappeared.  While working with this team,  it may have been possible the AC power might have been mixed up with the equipment or vehicles, but absolutely impossible for the production team for  having any need whatsoever, in any shape or form to possess the AC Adaptor, as logically there is no sense and completely senseless for doing so, as the technology is unique and individually tailored. 
The only reasonable succession of possibilities is by confronting the proprieter of the Jesus Wall.  While having done so, the AC Adapter has mysteriously disappeared, or was stolen.  However what is the motivation of thieving someones AC Adapter?   The JESUS WALL is a creative environment itself with banks of fully functioning computer terminals.   The target having run out of possibilities, the AC Adapter has disappeared.  The target having made calls to check on this device, as well as  returned back to the location within a week to check on the power adapter is nowhere to be found.  Without this piece of hardware the targets livlihood has been sabotaged.  The target is forced to either purchase a new one or find alternatives. The computer is usless without  AC power.
Since the film industry relies on the internt is absolutely essential for earning a living.  As this parasitic act of sabotage also happened during the (WGA)  writers strike, generating a loss of over $2 billion in revenue loss industrywide. Many artisans and technicians were lucky to find working opportunities. 
Shortly thereafter, perhaps after one month,  the target is contracted again for working  with the previous team for a new movie shoot at the JESUS WALL.  While shortly thereafter, the AC Adapter  mysteriously  re-appears by the proprietor no less, and while  filming completes without incident, the targets livelihood was thwarted by severe economic upheavals and the intent  to commit robbery.  This example presents how devious  'Feeder Bitches' commit acts of sleazy economic sabotage under the direction of the CPU.  This is the OCT which is the Octupussy Cowards Tentacles are  the HHD- Holographic Humanoidal Deceptitrons.
Have a microscopic view at the bit of coordinated effort by the OCT psychopaths of parasitic maggot sleaze infestation of cowards movie against a  target ascending Hollywood Hills, CA.  Within 30 minutes the targets movies travel  into Downtown Los Angeles. At this point, the target passes a second Digital Intermediary, then through a succession of criss-crossing streets, and avenues,  before reaching the final intersection (destination)
As the target approaches the intersection,  the OCT of octupussy cowards tentacles in string of  parasitic psychopaths instructed by the CPU gather information using  cellphones  for texting the  message informing the octupussy of the next nearest intersection where the target approaches.
Bounce the message across internet, cellphone,text messaging the CPU  tentacles. Bounce the  message from one forum to the next.  This is how to track a target.  The cell of OCT parasitic bus riding entity, or choose any cell entity (amoeba) or any parasitic cells by naming the infrastructure or parasitic OCT location.
Coordinate the attack against the target by the octupussys OCT bus rider tentacles.  Bounce  the tracking data from the WWW, CPU, to the OCT for consumption by  the bus rider psychopaths.
At the right moment attack the target  passing through the intersection: as the bus turns East, as the  target drives through  intersection  facing South.   The attack is timed perfectly so as the parasitic OCT  pitching one bottle at the target and pitch a second bottle at the targets car at the drivers side window parked on the 
south side of the street. 
The OCT attacks targets in this fashion and many crimes of subterfuge; as racist, ntolerant, lemming  backstabbers with attempted acts of violence, assault, and attempted reckless endangerment while attempting to drain to cause a target to react in self-defense, then to be attacked and blamed for hate crimes.  The OCT can dish it out but can't take it.
When the heat is turned up these vampires seek out spiteful acts of revenge.  The OCT are snitching cowards  and  programmed for to snitching 911  with  their butt buddies for crimes of subterfuge  hiding behind the badge and  gun. 100% of the time.  911 is their stassi safety net.  
Other crimes against humanity are invading a targets private space. This is known as the 4th Amendment.  Spying a targets freedom of movement for no apparent reason whatsoever.  Roaming society as vampires do on the living or predators seeking dead fish with its eyes popping out. When the time is safe. When the target is away-
Signaled by the HHD cowards on full 24 Hour watch- will do crimes such as  breaking and entering while disrupting the targets residence in some vague rampaging without stealing such as mixing up items- or hiding items in some unusual area. This is ideal leasure time for hater humanoidal  HHD cowards to tamper a targets  residence. Breaking and entering , sifting through clothes, and personal items, to cause misperception or paranoia.
The OCT vampires are fascinated by draining a targets energy as the OCT nector.  Intercepting,triangulating, and causing entrapment on against a  target are especially common as the target moves in and out of society.  The OCT get off tacking a targets movements through  city buildings or hotels.  Anywhere the target moves around, the HHD salivates, and frothing at the mouth vampires. Intercepting the target when fueling is especially fruitful or shopping in a mall, or enjoying the sunshine in a park. These parasitic OCT  enjoy robbing  a real flesh and blood mans well-being.
HHD Parasitic Cowards  carry out their unique HATE CRIMES while EQUALLY  hiding behind the HATE CRIME as VICTIM STATUS to control the term RACIST.  AS  the OCT  last resort- safety net- when a crime backfires; or  self defense by the target of doing crimes;  the HHD call on 911.  What if the target reacts in self-defense, or protecting property or sense of self?  Since some of their suitable crimes are stalking, attempted rape, sexual assault, and lewd conduct. The HHD coward scream  'hate crimes'  on the target  while the other OCT's cowards on the cell phones for snitching on  911 to blame the target. 
It is a simple act to blame the target.  In so doing the HHD are protecting its syndicate. The middlemen, armed agents, or poh-lice take in the report; but where is the evidence. Heresy is inadmissable. This is OCT ulitmate protection racket.  Blame the target with disorderly smear out the self defense motive. Fascists could not get any better. 
These parasitic communist borges  have managed to comandeer public schools across the USA  in the name of parental ignorance by using taxpayer money to inflict damage on school age children by brainwashing children up to five years of age.  Now are managing a  mind raping campaign  with a pool of hundreds of millions of dollars targeting schools from Kindergarten through high school grade levels. Taxation without representation.   (Post links footnote)
Profiling a target is a common approach by the OCT. Profiling includes determining whether the target (s) are disadvantaged by economy, poor, shy,  lack self-esteem, heartbroken,  physically  weak, disabled chemically dependent etc.  The energy vampires record this   information within the CPU.  The HHD handlers categorize the data with each target on the list. This infomation is then bounced within the OCT, Octupussy Coward Tentacles. Burn in Hell.  
As the target survives day by day- there  are  the   means  and motive for the OCT  for  terrorizing, plundering, and  pillaging. Exploiting and bullying  human rights-- to intentionally  satisfy  its thirst for power.  Power mongering is about exhibiting its pseudo-strength by numbers by its sleaze infested dilemma of pride.   Pride comes before the fall.

Racial profiling includes disrupting a targets right to survive such as psychological warfare such as turning the  targets family, friends and associates against him; while even sabotaging the targets employment by making slander against the target.
The layers of social networks or work related associations.  For instance this is accomplished  by signaling one feeder bitch in its  (HHD)  line or somewhat associated to a client or friend of the family or associate of a friend or relative.  The appointed  parasite will then make incident, any type of allegation or accusation will be sufficient; so as to make the cause the associate or friend to be unsettled.
911-Personally Supported Security Squeeling Service. PSSSD
Swarm the  targets work with the harassment intent as authorized by its handlers across  the industrial hierarchy- one company  on down the line to the next industrial park. This is the train of channels across the devils asshole.

At this point  harassment usually is the means of subtle provocations against  the target as the OCT  octupussy coward tentacles are always fascinated by the targets reactions.   One  common effective method is swarming the target from point A- to point B: where the target works- then to point- C.
Another tactic is playing the race card as shield for the OCT  from exposure;  or to attack in order to shift or transfer the blame.
For example the OCT  coward shells have a heavy lobbying infrastructure.  The OCT  can lobby hate crimes protectio for obliterating  the 1st Amendment.  To avoid exposure  by legislating  improved methods of silencing critics-  using laws or breaking them out of convenience and blaming the target, the OCT is not above contempt.   

These (HHD) cowards  hide behind subterfuge as a ‘Holograph’  'Projection'  The curtains of subterfuge;  heightened psychopaths; and parasitic maggots.  Evil exists because good people do  nothing. Intolerance rears its ugly head masking as tolerance and the ugliness of diversity behind its HHD veil; the raping cowards of the parasitic brain. Diseased parasites drowning in sin- have the means, motive and opportunity for crimes of subterfuge- are cyber crimes;  spinning  chaos and disorder.  The vortex of negative nothingness- repugnant  and rampaging- OCT  dangerous to any society in pursuit of  life, liberty, and happiness.

Internet warfare includes but is not limited to cyber bullying, cyber stalking,  hacking, interception of electronic mail, breaking and entering cell phone frequencies.  When monitoring the Internet, energy vampires or (HHD) parasitic cowards  carry out identity theft seemlessly. Stealing personal and private information is the (HHD) cowards  favorite activity.  The number of targets at any one time are uncertain, however HHD parastic cowards could conceiveably have multiple targets in any given day which could be very common. 
As explained  HHD cowards have a great lust for  swarm attacking targets.  By doing so, as example on stealing personal and private information- given a targets circumstances in life,  (HHD) cowards are using technology for invasive surveillance, and bouncing signals or train-braining messages from the Internet to cell phones such as from one geographical perameter of the city in one cell to another geographic perameter in another part of the city - while swarming the target on highways and thoroughfares, and while the target changes directions down another side street to another, the (HHD) cowards, acting as informants on the street direction in which the target is moving such as HHD cowards positioned and spying from houses, as the target passes by.  As this message bouncing known as (ISS) Invasive Surveillance Stalking for intercepting  the targets daily routines in life, until the target reaches his/her destination.
In this case,  the target reaches a city animal care facility, for example- to pick up emergency pet food.  While showing the animal document  to the front desk clerk. The target then exits to pick up a second document from the vehicle as required for the pet food transaction.  Upon returning to the front desk, the primary note,  has suddenly disappeared. While aware of ISS Invasive Surveillance Stalking, the target has concluded the HHD parasitic cowards have stolen the document and raped the personal and private information.
HHD cowards given the ideal cicumstance are frothing at the mouth for murderring or attempted murder on anyone it perceives as a threat or enemy of the HHD. This is the technological mechanism these parasites use for Invasive Surveillance Stalking.  ISS   

HOP Broadcasting to its army of HHD,  a  tiny  band of  population, but like Mars Attacks, the OCT cowards  have no limited brain functions without remembering who it is or is it the Yin and the Yang universe? Who knows. 

When threatened by thought and form sociopaths will  subject  selected groups such as writers or critics to vicious combinations of revenge  attacks and vindictivelness.

HHD parasites enable a concept characterized as game-plating-a repetitive  insanity; a tactic of  bullying surveillance or fantastic
invasive mechanisms. 
In the ecosystem along natures  path, when  a living being accidentally invades a bees nest is a perfect and accurate description when the bee’s swarm, the   living being resorts to running like the wind, or submerging underwater to escape the piercing sting of the swarm.   GAME PLATING, is the invasion of human rights or the entrapment of life, liberty, and happiness.

“Do you ever read the bible? See I always read this passage from Ezkiel  25:17  It’s always something I read because it  sounds good just before I blow someone away with my word play…

And the path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and tyranny of evil men.  Blessed is He who out of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for He is truly His brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee  with great vengeance and furious anger towards those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.  And you will know that I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee. “  


HANDLERS exploit the paths of living beings  committing crimes  on approximately   one  percent of  the  population,   having  a  significant talent, specialty or expertise will be subjected to severe attacks.   Attacks are justified by its HANDLERS  driven by threats of exposure, vindictiveness, revenge , other destructive emotions, a means to an end by seeking a path to alter its state of existence  and abominable void of nothingness- It’s the age old question of Who You Are. 

As a result the parasitic (HHD)  will coerce,  force, rape, sodomize, assault, contain or thrust any  threats,  targets   or   victim- any individual or person into hole of negative energy- extorting the target by invasive swarming for its  wants and needs.  The target  may or  may not   be a   part of this elite one percent, but his or her talents are wasted when the individual is forced to react in self  defense--human  rights  are defined by basic instincts called preservation of self.
How does free humanity  react when forced into  a negative   energy   hole,   or vortex  beamed by  these unholy of the un-holiest of handlers and (HHD) parasites.  The victim will undoubtedly be bullied into such horrible trauma, resulting in any variety of basic emotional patterns. Two of the most destructive  are  suicidal tendencies.  Other reactions are anger or patterns of insanity based upon   repetitive,  dead  end   duplications of brain wasted disease forms enabled by swarming bullying, and revenge attacking.

Vampires  are the criminals  of hollow headed   duplicity  hiding behind its   spectrum   of  colors whimsically screaming “victim, victim, victim” while beneath the radar is manufactured by hate.  OCT are ruthless RICO criminals, racheting up its hate mongering HHD parasitic cowards committing  murderous rampaging acts of tyranny across its selected list of innocents; across th eapathy of  society concerned by its survival.  HHD wrapped  in its tentacles of deception. 

This accurately describes the selfish nature of negative   energy  vampires . As such  is the case may be  HANDLERS are destructive parasitic cowards under its  hierarchy  of power. Power corrupts absolutely.  

The HHD are motivated by power and lust.  Some think of  gangs such as  Crips and the Bloods. Both groups are motivated by survival; while were in their beginnings were organised banking minions.  These groups were financed by drugs; and hoed out by record label CEO pedophiles in rap music into programmed violence such as drive-by shootings laced with elements of personal survival.  
HHD  energy  vampires are soulless, uncivilized deviants as identified as a weak subhuman  parasites  to  prey on the weak,  bully, pillage, and plunder free humanity for its lust of  power.    

The HHD to weaponize the darknet of the Internet as its method.  On the other  hand it  has been successfully  expanding its spying mechanisms by  primarily infiltrating Internet hubs or ISP's around the world.  The (HHD) has infiltrated corporations, universities, public schools, and  city councils. It uses its power successfully for instance by infiltrating the Microsoft Corporation- reputed as surveillance spying hub on the Internet activities of anyone around the world,  using the Microsoft Widows OS.  In this manner to enable its dirty surveillance tactics and  control of  technology within    Microsoft Corporation, intranet hubs,universities, and libraries.

For instance the HHD behind its weaponized Internet Infrastructure, has been successful in  consolidating it  political  platforms to control the curriculum of public schools.  The sum of this is how the (HHD) has been  brainwashing and indoctrinating school age children, first by infiltrating city councils at the core and then using tax money  to warp the public schools. To avoid exposure: the OCT lobby political traitor whores legislating for hate crimes to  silence critics- making up hate laws-victims posing as the oppressed nazi's oppressing. Screaming hate crime to blame the target. Stick the target with disorderly. Scheming nazi OCT is contemptous The HHD boot lickers post messages drenched in RICO crimes weaponising the darknet. The darknet is the devils asshole; where the rapists,  parasitic pedophiles, psychopaths, murderers and child molesters frequent. it is the area of sextraffickers, and organ harvesters.
 Women in society with their disgusting sense of tri-sexuality are subjigated and indoctrinated to the (HHD) lust for power  across bio-structures or further perhaps itimidated or terrorized and therefore become  blinded by this massive power complex of tentacles of hate warped  triangulated deceptions of wrath.
The HHD offers women a false security and power.  Women are so wrapped up inside this power to become criminal abetters. parasites. This is because women   act as   shields   protecting the HHD  inner core of activities, information collection, and surveillance gears. By doing this women are accessories to RICO criminals;  enterprise criminal behavior under the RICO Statutes on Racketeering.

Women have awareness and are corrupted by (HHD) Power,  even participating in power mongering,  which in turn transforms and makes women the sexist conduits of racism.  Consider the fact that most men when accused of domestic violence are alwasy sent to prison while women remain free..  Many men have been torn to shreds by women then  locked away in a cage.
This twists,turns, and distorts the ideas of sexism.  Historically while currently  women are wrapped up in femist hatred and sexism while having total access to (HHD) parasitic  power- as all real men are created equal.  Ask any women the secrets of the cell phone. Good enough for a woman but not made for the straight man. Men are not aware of the hate wrath known as the the OCT
HHD  Invasive Electronic  Stalking Surveillance Cyber Cellphone Stalking Harassment Mechanism.  IESSCCSHM
It is reasonable to assume women,  are hiding behind its warped sense of power- behind the wrath of the octupussy conspiracy. while raping  the same laws put in  place intended to  protect them from sexual predators.  Because women are inebriated by  the power-mongering shields of false security- women are  aiding and abetting in a criminal conspiracy designed by communist agents intent on the destruction of sovereignty.
Therefore it can be reasonably assumed the (HHD),  as hiding behind technology have distorted  the  balance of nature.  The balance of nature is the light and dark, and up and down,  masculine   and  feminine. The (HHD) intimidates women to corrupt the balance of nature to favor the COMMUNIST DEATH CULT.  
The percentage of  (HHD) in the general population is no higher then 1 percent. The HOP, using unsupported facts as propaganda  typically distort the cognitive reasoning in women in a sly attempt of shifting statistics and warping scientific facts of   masculine    and   feminine   in order of transforming  the natural order of things- the  Yin and the Yang of the Universe become antithetical.  
Therefore the (HHD) in its unnatural state of existence;  and through its power   mongering, exploitation   and consolidation of technology has favorably shifted its order of un-nature to favor into its unsavory status. How  could a specified minority of un-natural parasites  be so possessed  by its own vanity- ito change its evolution in order to benefit its wants.  This is becaue the (HHD) can never be and never will be until finds itself

While  exchanging power privileges-- crimes such as illegal surveillance violating the Fourth Amendment  and   or in conjunction, perverting stalking laws; women are sexist-aiding and abetting buffers in the  (HHD) criminal syndicate. Women are a protection racket of RICO criminals.

The question is what happens when exchanging the conscience self for power?   Anyone tampering with natural laws are violators of human rights. Freewill is the unalienable right to the  pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.  What are the consequences of reaping what you sow or sowing what your reap?  What are the principles of rightness  or wrongness in the consequence of heinous crimes of subterfuge as vampires sodomising the 5 year old boy.
Many having been sent to prison for the same crime or for frivolous drug charges are innocent,  just as many  are  guilty of the  crime as the justice system is broken down with and justice for all,  tampering with natural   laws   have  irreversible consequences.   The (HHD) by tampering with natural laws and human rights- are guaranteed a maximum sentence.

Individuals aware of  dangers  against society and exposing  truth are to be protected  The (HHD)  will act unconscionable in its cruelty when threatened by an individual doing the right thing.  The (HHD)   will commit  murder to protect its ’Racket.’   When considering these dangers,  individuals are entirely within principle to  breakthrough   expose,   smash   and    unveil  the  (HHD).  Its  'central processing unit' is how its handlers broadcast its deceptions in order to shield itself   from any   perceived threat.  The (HHD) is motivated to warp,  and distort reality by  ‘mind raping’ society, of a fine example in the 1956  movie created Invasion of the Body Snatchers. This movie contains very powerful connotations assisting  in making sense of  (HHD) power.  

“The World  Is A Fine Place and  Worth Fighting For. I Agree With the Second Part. “  --Seven

Delusions of  grandeur   'conditioning'  are emphasized by (HHD)  HANDLERS  into its repetition across to its  (HHD)  herd.   The   HANDLERS    influence   peddling  have taken over the brain chemistry in the  frontal section of the brain - that which controls  motivation, judgment, decision making, impulse,  and reasoning  for the purpose of exploiting  the  (HHD) genetics in full.

There is no moral compass without determining the child’s development as opposed to  a fully grown adult- making the  (HHD) dangerous to society.  Its COMMUNIST HANDLERS are  broadcasting poisonous propaganda while duplicating  its channeled walls  to become the HHD.
This is its holographic spine of  transmissions across the web by its HOP for its propagandistic tentacles. This describes how the HOP weaponises technology  across its CPU  of computers tethered by the HHD web across the world.  The HANDLERS poison society via (HHD) as  dead robots walking school halls are the OCT.

It is reasonable to assume the HANDLERS can be found  lurking and it is certain are- spying and committing  illegal   surveillance across  the MICROSOFT CORPORATION.   This is Racketeering and unlawful under the RICO ACT.   The HHD is faceless,  racist, parasitic and reactionary. This is about how the  HHD operate- beneath the radar of society- wrapped around its tentacles of deception. The octupussy conspiracy.  The  (HHD) has the means and motive for the intent to libel, slander, and smearing crimes as revenge  against any target or person who chooses to speak out.  The HHD attempts to  contain- threats or distubances to its structure while using 911 for gross and perverted racist snitching attacks. It is especially a  cowards when blaming the target.  The target is most often innocent, or defending herself.

Desensitizing a target to criminal assault is the same as sending a lunatic fringe of sub humans into the Lakers.  The GAME:PLATING in of by itself, is solely and clearly a fascist modality attempt of torment a monkey in a cage and separating her from her mother.

The government corporate social engineering project beginning in the mid-1930's and lasting through the late 1960's was the  longest lasing nontherapeutic experiment on human beings in medical history. This was conducted on a select group of African American patients from Tuskegee, Alabama, the poorest region in the nation while promising free medical care. The  validity of the experiment had to be kept from the subjects to ensure their cooperation. The sharecroppers' were grossly disadvantaged lot in life made them easy to manipulate as they were a trusting group and mostly unsophisticated, most had never seen a doctor before, which made them easy to dupe. The study was meant to discover how syphilis affected blacks as opposed to whites—the theory being that whites experienced more neurological complications from syphilis whereas blacks were more susceptible to cardiovascular damage

 Their doctors had no intention of curing them of syphilis at all. The data for the experiment was to be collected from autopsies of the men, and they were thus deliberately left to degenerate under the ravages of tertiary syphilis. The   intent was to monitor the effects of Syphilis, until it killed off the patients causing blindness, tumors, paralysis, an insanity.  Syphilis was injected to determine the absorption rate as it  entered the bloodstream. It was monitored to determine how quickly the STD, spread throughout the arterial system.  Most of the patients during the study died off after within two years some survived longer. Transmitting  sexual   diseases  for observation purposes has its merits especially when focusing on the demographic group of poor sharecroppers trying to raise a family and educate their children.  When advanced computer modeling programming is lacking this is the ideal method  for archiving the the results for future reference.
 As the experiment arrived at its conclusion, there were  28 men who perished and died directly from syphilis, 100 were dead of complications resulting from the disease. 40 of their wives had been infected, and 19 of their children had been born with congenital syphilis. How had these men been induced to endure a fatal disease in the name of science?
To persuade the community to support the experiment, one of the original doctors declared it “was necessary to carry on this study under the guise of a demonstration and provide treatment.”  In the beginning, the men were prescribed the syphilis remedies of the day—bismuth, neoarsphenamine, and mercury—but with tiny amounts where a meager 3 percent revealed any improvements at all.   The does offered as tokens were mostly trophys for demonstrations of good public relations; without  interfering with the true aims of the study. 
Eventually, all syphilis treatment was replaced with “pink medicine” which was aspirin.  To ensure that the men would show up for a painful and potentially dangerous spinal tap,  the PHS doctors misled them with a letter full of promotional hype
“Last Chance for Special Free Treatment.”

Many elements process the conduit of (HHD) Delusions of grandeur, and vanity are revealed by a string of weak minds can produce a festering amoeba-like disease leaking into a community,  as insects swarm  a living being to death or leaches in a city latch onto an unsuspecting small girl and drain her blood then jump onto her French poodle.  After the parasitic amoeba is amplified, a plague infested scenario occurs with the invasion of the free-internet
The (HHD) has weaponized the internet for this purpose and has expanded its central power source; using a combination of elements usually    routed   from the poisoned source (s) or a brain wasted diseases such as jealousy,rage, lust, wrath,gluttony, greed, and murder. Then come the sub-factors along with powers such as its need to possess and  be obsessed and in control to satisfy its vampiric need to purge itself of guilt and its lust for power causing its duplicating tendencies; and thrust unsuspecting innocents,  where the targets are trapped within  a negative energy vortex.

This  festering   amoeba-like parasitic tumors; exploint the free movement  of any innocent  to either no choices at all- or deciding between  the elements; which is better and which is worlse are mostly to benefit- to prevent causing insanity, or chemical dependency or simply suicidal tendencies while either choices can of course be explored in discretion.  What are your choices when thrown into the dark pits of hell.

One benefit  of pseudo-equality or the motivations thereof brought about by communist death cults are the woman’s  perspective   would be  theoretically- of her ability to exploit the conduit, as being apart of the (HHD) out of greed. Therefore she can be apart of the HHD criminal syndicate  and take part in the crimes by subterfuge; while the COMMUNISTS DEATH CULTISTS ARE THE REAL CONTROLLERS- THE HOP 
(HHD) has within its capabilities; while also living without it. By enabling the   (HHD) a woman can immediately  be commited into the (HHD) asylum and become a factor of "aiding and abetting" the criminal elements, and therefore she becomes apart of its hell- while a part of the   bonafide criminal element. She is; and has now sold her soul to the dark lords to become the  targets of the dark forces.  
By doing so he/she  is   motivated by  any categorization of emotions such as jealousy, greed, selfishness, rage,lust or wrath.  These emotions are always unhealthy, many lead to injury, accidental death. People are killed by these emotions, many wars have been fought.   The ENABLER, usually female   dials   into (HHD) by masking exposure and by blending technology, such as a cell phone via  Internet. These   technological    variables   are positively identifiable as the enabler transmit’s the message, whether it is auditory, verbal, or text related,  determines the extent upon the defined perameters of  (HHD) reactions.  Certainly the larger the deception that is transmitted will  determine  how the pack , or the herd travels-   whether the pack travels exponentially is also a determining factor accordingly as    predisposed to   trumpeting a   voracious   package   of lies; such that it spreads virally via the Internet and print to effectively libel, slander,   and   smear are all relevant- wicked,  parasitic wrath.  All the above scenarios make proving the crime   next to   impossible  without  the   clout of a libel specialist.

The enabler often has no concept of empathy, compassion, decency, or lacking a thorough disregard for humanity.   Young children understand empathy, of observing the pain and suffering of a being  such as a   puppy or   a small   kitten  subjected to intense pain, injury, or trauma.  A child will often react when another child is screaming or in pain and want to understand the reason of hurt.  The psychopath has no empathy.

As some types of enablers such as drug peddler of cocaine, marijuana, speed, or heron in the inner cities of the ghetto-  the street hustler, pimp or  peddler is motivated  by preservation of self insided the most horrific socio-economic conditions. Therefore his or her need for servicing to survive  is based on a whole unique type of living standards- with many types of illegal activy such as trafficking goods or bank robbery, gambling, con-jobs, landscaping, or pimping. The survival instict cannot be comparied to the sociopath living in the lap of luxury.  The peddler may even  be caught in between the 12th Street bridge; and have to make due surrounded by a card board tent for a night or two- until the storm passes; will gladly accept  a child‘s  lunch money in exchange for hustling, in which the adolesent, teenager, college  target rather then working at Mac-Donald's feels uplifted by a sense of new found freedom with rolls of monopoly green- and for a couple nights of music at the garden arena to fill the sense of self,  versus the pain and suffering the ghetto inflicts on the draining the spirits of life. There is the difference between enablers and the 12step program; where an alcoholic in a moment of clarity takes things one day at a time.  The conditioned soldier- unlike the pimp, player or street hustler- is well-fed by its host nations tax-dollars,  while the soldier takes the daily regimens of life on the basis of self-preservation one day at a time, while taking another life is all in the daily struggle for survival.  What when having been deceived with the promise of monthly income and college tuition by the military pimp recruiting inside the ghettos and inner cities, which is the better and which is worse the prostituting a weapon of mass destruction for the corporations dumping grounds in the name of profiteering or selling a few ounces of marijuana- which has more value?

Nevertheless there are differences in abetting. One type is the sociopath hiding behind the walls of any institution  such as medical or university sociology departments  These types of enablers are the cowards.  Abettors feel insulated by their guards, and armed agents; enamored and all powerful hidden behind the walls of protection. Therefore these types of coward enablers are drunk on power.  The  (HHD) exploiters are often female and jealously guard the secrets of swarming from the towering inferno.
HOP are fascinated by its neo-power- given to it by the communists who are the HOP. The many targets suffering daily ambushing in the tradition of the GERMAN STASSI as comparison is no matter as the HIVE SWARMING continues day in day out in every direction possible  from its cannibalistic web of militaristic controllers backed in near-death experiences  from heart-stopping attacks from a well oiled machine and pulse-popping gears intentionally  causing criminal assault on target causing duress,  trauma, and anxiety.  This is the nature of criminal assault.
In one instance, a target in the Hollywood area is picking up documents in a building a block away;   and having parked on one side of the street while  opposing street is the  street cleaning syndicate;  when suddenly as predictable as dusk to dawn- the snake (HHD)  invaded the targets aura.  The target shoves the coward against the curb when  The perp attempts to make a scene by spewing yellow bile The security personnel thankfully escorts the perp away as it wimpers  down the street.  Since the cowards pride was torn-it  pulls a really dirty trick,  by calling the (CPU) Central Processsing Unit, to dispatch its poh-lice (HHD) pride shells, as coincidentally when the target walks back to his transport, the vehicle is being conveniently towed away. 
The (HHD) cowards have surveillance towers broadcast by handlers of pathology, the (HOP)  Freedom of movement is always contaminated when surrounded by armies of the dead with numbers from 100 to 1000, or 10,000, or even 50,000- though highly doubtful... The (HHD) spied the vehicle found a pretext for any appropriate violations, squeeled against its (CPU)+(internet) Triangulating the target- while it shamelessly masquarades behind the 'hate crime'  to  dispatch its poh-lice (HHD) to blame the crime on the target.
The target then  walks twenty miles without water,  back to shelter, raise the money to get the vehicle out of storage with cost of  $40 bucks a day and towing charges which eqaul $200 bucks. The target has to make a  living raise the funds inLos Angeles; and without a vehicle is a real difficult pinch to break away from  Revenge attackinga target by  stealing the  livelihood of living;  causing attempted starvation has got to be one of the most diabolical acts of deceit. A subterfuge below the level of humanity. These are the (HHD) vampires; the holographic humanoidal deceptitrons 
In another instance,  of raping the 4th Amendment  (HHD) hive cowards dispatches its  feeder bitch, always hiding in some fashion; behind a vehicle or behind as cell phone, or  abusing technology inside the internet curtain or behind its big yelllow gas guzzling hummers.  One coward on one occasion,  trying to be predictably  tough as tampon is stamped across its face, gets out of its big pickup truck while intercepting  a target walking Southbound from the Hollywood Hills.  The (HHD) coward then thrashes out its pussy lips, of synthetic fear mongering by labeling the target a robbery suspect off Mulholland Drive inside the Hollywood Hills.  While the target  had previously walked the same route many times before;  is now cast as the lead burgler in the area, art thief, muff diver, or jewel thief.  
While in the next instant this very racist and repugnant  (HHD) vagina lip lurching deviant lurking at the target... The target appropiately responding  loudly the  (HHD) coward is a douchebag bitch- a little piece of shit. While the (HHD) coward always  tries to be as tough on th outside as it is on the inside; or tougher then the clone around the corner keeping tabs. The (HHD) coward  had the opportunity to be violent, and blew it. Backs down as usual,  like a little piece of shitbag- as the predicatable fearmongering, and provoking the target with terror is not effective; the vagina pod then calls its pussy possy as security where the bitch nigger then attempts to steal the targets backpack.  As the little bitch fails and runs away before its little skull is broken open, The target records the license plate of the (HHD) pussy lips big pickup truck disappearing around the corner.  The targe then descends the Hills to his coffee stop East of Hollywood Blvd and Sunset.  When a distant ex-con approaches the target for a smoke he is obliged and given Mapquest directions to his ex-girlfriend living in Vannuys... 
Many examples are given  how the institutional  enabling of HHD cowards interact by transmitting sexual diseases to  cause chaos and disturbing behavior;  provocations,  violence, terror. or intimidation. The HHD realises sooner then later hospitalization is inevitable. the Parasitic cowards always violating freedom of movement (4th Amendment) as a form of triangulation, of criminal assault.  It is warned= It will be hospitalized and its skull pulverized if need be; by self defense.  The  (HHD) parasitic cowards have a diseased and defective; massive surveillance grid built into the backdrops of society; of cell-phones to radio transmitters, and phone camera's. To retail-store- assaulting-by security cameras+market surveillance by cellphone via internet to cause criminal entrapment The motive is harassment. This makes prosecution a result of deep sea scooners; against the suberfuge of pussy possy maggot spectrums;  for the unaccounted violation and reckless disregard of wiretapping laws- the concept of freedom of movement- of the 4th Amendment is triangularion- Bank on it!
As these violations had become a commodity of swarming any targets; the living do have expressed unalienable rights of self-defense as the Magna Carta; was written for the purpose of common law. For every action there brings equal and opposing forces. Any parasitic entity driven by invading a living- man or living woman has legal authority for actions in any way she sees appropriate for personal protection. She may push or shove the perpetrator out of harm;  acting responsibly under such guidelines of self-defense when provoked.  This truth of natural reality opposing the void of  un-natural; non-reality as the holographic reality of the fallen from divine humanity-the humanoidal vagina pussy deceptitron possy-coward slime infested psychopaths, fell into the the obliterated depth of darkness. Snitches hide behind  911 'hate crime' as pretext  to blame the target  to be cast as victims- of perpetual harassment against any target;  rotten sleaze parasites get burned alive; especially the cowards exploiting the words written as a revenge against the writer.
While institutional enabling cowards are  caught  against the canvas of filty deviancy; and it is best these psychopaths be recorded as any parasitic wrath or  E-Lois  trapped in perpetual slavery-  eating away her insides; of maggots feeding on the corotid artery traveling through bowels of the colon, or as time disappears, sinking to the island called hells final landing.  Its the haters dead-as brain eaters suck away the yellow tumor ridden sponging  mass into a barbecue of  spinal column. Clear observation presents the opportunity of showcasing  the (HHD) plague  in a well defined doctoral thesis as a  theoretical approach from the spiritual emptiness of magnetism against  a bullies perspective. 

Packs of vampires are driven to revenge by robbing the living, stealing souls,  and destroying human rights by war and destruction. With elements of technology used for the same purpose by contaminating all forms of  life and procreation between man and woman.  This is because  (HHD) cowards hate the living natural world in the Creative Universe.
Age old concepts defined by yin and yang or the balance of nature between light and dark in the choice of Who You Are or who you are not is still a choice between rightside up  and upside down. Confusing thought and form are the enabling factors abused by opposing factors in excess of many types of conundrums.

The institutional  enabler is near-sighted by  influence peddling , and transmitting sexual diseases caught into the intrigue of power mongering and  data collecting for the purpose of social engineering like a diseased alcoholic; in a moment of clarity.  Many  targets are controlled  by overwhelming odds of survival of one choice or no choices;  surrounded by demonic maggot infested psychopaths; as the parasitic cowards press foreward attacking the living over a decade. It is not natural or expected of  the living to form any experience to any advanced methods of stress mechanics except oiling the wheels in the cogs of the machine.
The data is monitored and broadcast over the internet to the (HHD) cowards against demographic   patterns,  cross contextualized hive patterns  of surveillance mechanisms within invasive procedures. Mapping and  triangulating a targets daily movements in a cross sectioned digital footprint; is the crime scene known as;  I.E.C.C.S.S.H.M. (Invasive, elecronic, cyber,cellphone,stalking,harassment, mechanism.) This blueprint outlines, the targets travel methods, employment; and triangulation  of of movements.
All the  above  is considered  'controlled' rape of the devils den; a heartless gang of sociopathic criminals perpetrating the domestic terrorism. Brushed with broad strokes or subtle as transmitting a text message  to the Internet has more courage then stabbing someone in the back with a butcher knife. Destroying freewill against the consent of the living is lower then the common locust;  of tangled webs weaved, in practice to decieve the insects, swarming the living in shameful display of existence.  Aiding   and  abetting or being accessary to hate crimes will get you locked away in a prison cell in the far reaches of Guantanamo.  The vagina beasts roaming the poisoned dead of wretched hell. Pride comes before the fall.

If you are a victim of emotional abuse,  it is important to understand  enablers have embedded issues with who they are... Holographic humanoidal deceptitrons are the  soul sucking energy   vampires;   emotionally devastating and cruel, malicious, destructive psychopaths; with no conscience for the living. For the dead hate the living. When enablers have  exchanged  conscience  for  power and when selfishness, and destructive emotions are thrust against the innocent;  the balance of nature is flipped  upside down, the same as  poisoning the animals, burning the rain forest or raping mother nature.  Sociopaths have many things in common while one enabler  is motivated by survival of geo-socio economics. The bonified enabler psychopath as the (HHD) coward, are the true oppressors weaponizing hate crimes against the innocence as revenge tactic to blame the target...
What is the golden rule? The golden rule is he with the most gold rules so a wise man once befriended  Confucius  who said the wise never tamper with the laws of the universe. This brought  to you with broad   strokes of  electromagnetic spiritualism transmitted by Tesla's influence Peddling, and  the magnetic fortitude of bullies perspective of scientific observation. 


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Electromagnetic Spiritualism Empty Magnetism: Bullies Perspective

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Electromagnetic Spiritualism Empty Magnetism: Bullies Perspective



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